hi i'm giovana but you can call me logan's girl.

Demi is back to the X Factor

"It’s just, everyone is super excited and that to me is like, how can you not smile when people are that excited. It’s great."

    Basic school day

  • me: i hate all of you
  • me: stop screaming you saw your friend yesterday
  • me: holy fuck walk faster
  • me: get smarter idiot
  • me: maybe if i hit my head on my desk enough times i'll die


Tell em that is my birthday, happy as can be, falling into you, falling into me…

 Happy B-day, Selena, we love you so much, and we’re proud of you, we hope that you have all the things because you deserve it, baby.

You’re so talented, smart , cute and beautiful, we’ll always stay here for you!

please, baby, please, give me, all your attention, don't let my heart go seeking no other direction